Building on Basics

Fort Collins is fortunate to have a long history of voter-approved sales tax initiatives to fund major capital projects. Since 1973, voter approved sales tax capital programs have supported efforts to build the city we know and love today, as well as make critically needed improvements to transportation infrastructure.

Downtown Business Association

The Downtown Business Association is a non-profit corporation organized to promote the businesses of downtown Fort Collins, Colorado.

Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority builds public-private investment partnerships that foster economic, cultural, and social growth in the Fort Collins central business district.

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce champions our community and region’s quality of life and economic vitality through strong business advocacy and collaborative leadership.

Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority 

This entity is authorized by the City of Fort Collins to Revitalize, Redevelop, Restore, and Revive targeted areas within the city limits that promote investment for public benefit.


Fort Collins will be the model community for a leading and replicable net Zero Energy District. The mission of FortZED is to transform the downtown area and the main campus of Colorado State University into a net Zero Energy District through conservation, efficiency, renewable sources and smart technologies.

Kufman & Robinson

Kaufman and Robinson, Inc. (KRI®) engineers and manufactures broad beam ion and plasma products. Our products are vacuum-based process tools which interact with materials at the atomic level. Typical material processes include the precision deposition of thin films, remote plasma etching of patterned wafers, and nanometer-scale modification of surfaces. KRI® is respected across the globe for innovative designs, product quality and technical expertise. Our products incorporate technical features such as gridded or gridless sources, DC or RF discharges and automated power supply controllers.

North College Infrastructure Funding Plan

These projects would build a more complete street system over time, along with a drainage system to handle stormwater runoff from streets and development. This is important for long-term revitalization of the area. Safety, economic development, pedestrian and bicycle activity, and upgrading the North College corridor are all important objectives. Public comment is welcomed. The plan is in the final stages of being drafted and will be presented to City Council for approval on November 3.

Northside Aztlan Community Center

Northside Aztlan Community Center is home to a wide variety of activities, classes, programs, sports and events. The Northside Aztlan Center continues to provide the same beneficial community programs as well as new and exciting opportunities. The Northside Aztlan Center is a 50,000 square foot recreation center (more than three times its original size) offering various activities.

Project Smile

Project Smile is a community dental program which provides an opportunity for area businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor children in serious need of dental care.

Realities for Children

The mission of Realities For Children is to provide for the unmet needs of children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk by uniting local businesses, youth agencies and the community in collaborative and mutually beneficial service.

Rocky Mountain Ionosphere

Accelerating entrepreneurship and job creation, Innosphere is a 501c3 nonprofit technology incubator formed to accelerate the development and success of high-impact scientific and technology startup companies. In promoting the development of a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, Innosphere currently provides support to 39 entrepreneurial startup companies with resources such as assistance with raising capital, help in assembling solid management teams, access and connections with academic and government institutions, a network of advisors and mentors, discounted professional service providers, and educational and networking opportunities. In 2013, Innosphere startups raised $35 million in risk capital and created 300 high wage jobs in Colorado

UniverCity Connections

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce champions our community and region’s quality of life and economic vitality through strong business advocacy and collaborative leadership.