North College Avenue Corridor Improvements Conifer Street to Willox Lane

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August 5, 2015




North College Avenue Corridor Improvements

Conifer Street to Willox Lane

The project began in October of 2014 and is estimated to be completed mid to late December, 2015. Adverse weather conditions as well as unforeseen construction related issues could affect the final completion date. At this time the project is approximately 60% complete.

Utility improvements on the west side have been completed. Installation of driveway approaches/business access on the west side is nearly completed, while installation of new sidewalks is in progress.

Utility improvements on the east side are approximately 60% complete. Installation of business access/driveways has begun and is anticipated to be completed within 60 days. Businesses will be notified in person or via email of all partial access closures. Temporary interruption in water service will affect some local businesses periodically. Notification of the interruption of water service will be made in person or via email.

All four lanes of North College Avenue between Conifer and Willox will be re-surfaced. Improvements to street lighting, pedestrian cross walks, sidewalks, curb and gutter, new landscaping, irrigation and urban design elements will enhance the appearance of the North College Avenue Corridor. Improvements to underground utilities will also benefit the community. Traffic flow along North College Avenue will be greatly improved providing better access for customers to area businesses.

The City of Fort Collins, Zak Dirt, Inc. and Cone Zone Communications would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your patience, cooperation and understanding during the construction process.

Please obey all posted speed limits and traffic signs throughout the construction zone. Safety of the public and all workers involved in the project is our highest priority.

If you have questions or require further information you may contact Cone Zone Communications at 970-532-2242 or 970-532-3139 or by email at

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